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Shop for handmade wooden spoons in New Iberia, LA

Use Long-Lasting Custom Cutlery

Cook with handmade wooden spoons in New Iberia, LA

Tired of flimsy plastic spatulas and spoons that break as soon as you try to stir cake batter? Spoons Galore and More has the answer. Our handmade wooden spoons can hold up to everything from broth to birthday cake mix. You don't have to worry about our spoons melting on the stove or splintering during use.

Our handmade wooden spoons are made in New Iberia, LA but ship nationwide. Place your order today.

You'll flip for our trendy, tasteful spatulas

Through our online store, you can find wood spatulas that look great and make cooking and baking fun. All of our spoons and spatulas are:

  • Available for wholesale
  • Hand-sanded
  • Able to be shipped and delivered
  • Available in right- and left-handed variations

With our custom wooden spoons, you'll be the star of your next dinner party. Want to really spice things up? Buy a wooden sauté spoon so you can walk the wok as well as you talk the talk.

Check out our selection to peruse the custom wooden spoons and wood spatulas we sell.

Why should you shop at Spoons Galore and More?

As a retired coach and middle school principal, the owner of Spoons Galore and More cares a lot about families in the community. You can cook your family a delicious meal every night with our useful, elegant spoons.

After seven years making spoons, we know how to craft each of them in just the right way. You can order online or find us at your local craft fair.

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