Handmade With Pride in Louisiana

Discover how we craft our custom wooden spoons in New Iberia, LA

Nobody else makes meals exactly like you. Maybe you toss in a little extra spice, or maybe you know a secret ingredient that makes your stews, soups or sautéed dishes come out just right. Celebrate your uniqueness with one of the custom wooden spoons we make at Spoons Galore and More.

Want to know what goes into these custom spoons? When we craft our custom spoons, we:

  • Trace out multiple spoons on a long board
  • Cut out the forms on a bandsaw
  • Use a ball gouge on a handheld grinder for the basin of the spoon
  • Use a 2-inch burr to get the spoon in shape
  • Use a drill press to sand and smooth the spoon
  • Remove excess wood with a bandsaw and various sanders
  • Get the spoon down to its final shape and form
  • Wet the spoon to let the grain come out
  • Do a final sanding to remove the the little splinters and wood hairs and make them smooth to the touch
  • Cover the spoon with mineral oil and let it dry

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